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A Night Out (In) - Stables Candles - Novel-Tea-Light range.

Hand poured and selected by indie-folk duo Matthew and Daniel of Stables. This box contains 2 x 6 unique fragrances, handpicked by the duo to get you in the mood for a night out... in! Have a bit of fun with your candles and get ready for a night out!

Fragrances in this box set include:

Prosecco (Cream) - Celebrate with Bubbles.
Pina Colada (White) - Do you like getting caught in the rain?
French Martini (Rose/Pink) - Raspberry Classic.
Gin and Tonic (Green) - Refreshing with a wedge of lime.
Cosmopolitan (Red) - Cranberry magic.
Pornstar Martini (Yellow) - Go Wild!

We started with music (Stables Music), which grew into our passion of coffee (Stables Coffee) and now we've combined it with our love of candles (Stables Workshop). All candles are completely hand poured by either Matthew or Daniel in South East London, the fragrances have been picked and added individually and wicks trimmed and positioned. Unlike big bell jars like Yankee, these multiple tealights will burn for 3-6 hours and give you the chance to switch scents instead of sticking with one for a week. It generally takes 5-10 minutes of burn time to get the full fragrance effect. Please use responsibly, keep away from kids and combustibles and enjoy!
Each box comes with smelling notes so you can experiment with combinations.

Our wax is premium Soy with no animal cruelty, vegan friendly and clean burning.

Our boxes and tea lights are fully recyclable once wax is burnt.

We're more than happy to add gift messages if you want to send to a loved one.

We also make music and sell real coffee. We're @stablesmusic @stablescoffee and @stablesworkshop - Come and say hello!

Matthew and Daniel,

Scented Candles 'A Night out (in)' Box Set

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