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The origin of our beans, the sustainability of the farming process, environmental impact, plus fair wages and working conditions for the farmers is incredibly important to us. 


In an age where we all must question the sources and impact of our consuming, we know you care as well. We are a tiny roasting duo and so we currently go through a wholesaler based in Rochester in Kent for our beans (one day we hope to import directly from farmer). Before committing to each bean, we made sure to question the ethics involved. We aim to keep the carbon footprint of our coffee to a minimum: sadly the UK simply cannot grow consumable coffee, if we could - we'd be straight on it! 

Below is some background information on each origin of bean we roast:

That little 'pick me up' to ensure your best performance

Origin - PBD (Premium bar dark) a blend from Central America & Africa.
Cupping Notes -  The big hit. Coffee to awaken your senses! Full bodied dark roast. Strong caramel undertones and amazing aroma.

An 'every day' roast, to keep the tour bus running

Origin - Brazil (Barbosa) with some Central American 

Cupping Notes - Thick body and nuanced overtones of chocolate and bittersweet cocoa. A lovely lingering taste on the palette without any bitterness. 

The perfect composition for those that necessitate creativity

Origin - Honduras 

Cupping NotesAromatic and beautifully fragrant single origin coffee. Notes of vanilla and hazelnut, a very well  

balanced light coffee roast!

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